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Known as the Pearl of The Thousand Island, Ayer Island is situated a mere 14 km off the shore of Ancol’s Marina Bay. Ayer Island is widely celebrated as a piece of tropical paradise with significant historical value.

The Pearl of Thousand Island

Among the islands of its cluster, Ayer Island is known as the Pearl of The Thousand Island with diverse collection of flora, including various hundred years old trees. Vast coconut trees, white sand beaches, and cluster of floating cottages: it’s a tropical paradise.

The Water Springs of Ayer Island

Legend says the name Ayer was invented by fishermen who found two water springs in the island. Said water springs are still exist today, located near the island’s swimming pool.

Historic Destination

Before officially opened for tourism at 1950, Ayer Island was President Soekarno’s tropical haven, inhabited particularly the Cendrawasih 4 bungalow. President Soekarno had also invite Josip Broz Tito, Yugoslavia’s ex-president, and U Thant, who was Secretary-General for the UN. These historic events was at the times of the liberation of West Papua, which explains why many of the island’s buildings and decorations are Papua-related.